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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

 1)  I have a multi-dog household. Is one TREATOI   5) Is it suitable for large dogs?
 enough for both of my dogs?    -  Please understand that we cannot recommend

    -Because only one ball is discharged per time interval,   TREATOI for large dogs because of the small size of the
 we recommend one TREATOI per pet.  ball, which is only ideal for small and medium-sized

 2)  Can TREATOI be used by cats?  dogs.  Better day,
 6) Doesn't the ball easily break?
   -  A cat's sense of smell is comparable to that of a dog, so
 it can be employed to cats as well. (It's much better if     - The ball is made to be strong and durable. To endure
              better life together
 you put a catnip ball inside!)  external pressure, the ball has a sturdy support
      It is useful to use as a preventive bowl for vomiting-  structure within, and we use durable materials such as
 prone cats.  polycarbonate and silicone.

 3) Is the product using with an app?      However, because the ball is a consumable object,
 depending on your pet's usage patterns and
   - TREATOI is a product that does not require the use of
 preferences, the ball can be damaged. If the ball's shape
 an app, and all operations are performed using a single
 is deformed, the discharge from the dispenser cannot
 body button.
 be smooth, so we recommend replacing any damaged
 4) Is TREATOI a wireless product?  balls.

   -  TREATOI is a wired product that uses a 5V2A adapter
 7) Is it safe to use the product on the floor?
 and a C-type cable. It must be connected to a power
   -  If the product is placed on the floor, there is a good
 source at all times because it is not rechargeable. The
 chance that your pet will spend the entire day staring at
 basic package does not include the adaptor.
 it or sticking their paws into the distribution outlet.
      Please place the product higher than your pet's height,
 such as on a table or a shelf in the living room.

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